A jersey dress that you will love wearing.  You will look and feel amazing, celebrating femininity, style, confidence and comfort.  This style is a customer favourite because it is easy and comfortable to wear.

Featuring our beautiful and exclusive Wildflower print, you will turn heads wherever you go wearing this floral dress.

The T-shirt Dress is very versatile because you can dress it up or down to suit nearly every occasion.

This is a polyester jersey dress which is very easy care – no ironing! – and great for travel.  Just roll it in a ball in your suitcase and pull it out at the other end, ready to go!  Check our size chart for your best size.

A note about sizing:  Because the fabric is very stretchy, the dresses tend to be fairly free fitting and will stretch to fit the body.  Many customers are able to wear two sizes comfortably eg.  a size 10 and 12.  I receive a lot of inquiries for size advice from women who normally buy both say 12 and 14 and are unsure which size to select.  My advice is to choose the 12 if you prefer a firmer fit, or a 14 if you would prefer a not so firm fit.  And as always, if you would like some advice about sizing, feel free to send me an email at info@zilpahtart.com.au

xx Yumi


About our Prints

All of the exclusive fabric prints are designed by the Designer, Yumi Morrissey.  She takes photographs of the places and things that inspire her design and turns them into beautiful, fun, digital patterns.  These prints tell stories and create connections to the women who wear them.  For more information about the prints click here.

The Wildflower Print was created in collaboration with local Canberra Florist, Fiona of Peony n Pearl.  The print is designed using a photograph of Fiona’s beautiful wedding bouquets.

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size 8, size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18