Zilpah Tart - Fashion made in Australia

Zilpah Tart is an Australian fashion label by designer Yumi Morrissey. Yumi wanted to be a designer from a young age, at 6 years old she spent her free time making outfits for her troll dolls.

In 2007, she completed a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) at the Canberra Institute of Technology. It was at this time her label was formed, though it would be many years before she would take the business full time.

The name Zilpah Tart is personal for Yumi as it was the name of her late Grandmother. After Zilpah passed, the family was sorting through her belongings when Yumi found a 1940’s brooch of a penny farthing. This formed the basis for the logo and provides a personal memory and tribute of the late Zilpah Tart.

Zilpah Tart garments and accessories are designed for women who like to wear something unique, feminine and comfortable. Something that makes them feel special and stand out in a crowd.

The designs are made locally from Yumi’s studio in Canberra, ensuring quality in an Australian made product.

Yumi designs her own exclusive fabric prints for use in her collections. She uses photographs taken around Canberra to create beautiful, bright, unique prints which adds an exciting element to the designs.

Feel excited to ask yourself, What will I wear today…?


We are an online business, but you can find a small number of our products in the locations below.
Canberra Visitors Center - Accessories only
Barrine Dr, Parkes ACT 2600
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Dirty Janes Canberra - on the Rhapsody Design stall
80 Collie St, Fyshwick ACT
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